Monday, April 23, 2012

Hakuhodo G524 Eye Brow Brush L angled

Hakuhodo G524 Eye Brow Brush L angled is an unusual tool. I first noticed extra wide eyebrow brushes a couple of years ago when Barneys introduced the Claudio Riaz line. His eyebrow brush defied what I knew about filling in eyebrows in many small strokes to avoid harsh lines. It was also quite thick and priced at $95. I passed. But browsing Hakuhodo's website I realized they, too, offered a large eyebrow brush, though not quite as massive as the one from Riaz. Hakuhodo G524 is 13.5 mm wide and 3.4 mm thick, which makes it very helpful in grooming the eyebrows, but also very efficient when applying brow powder/eye shadow to fill in gaps and such.

Hakuhodo G524 is made of water badger hair and is perfectly stiff and right for the task. I use both the pointy  tip for precision, as well as the full width of the brush to give the brows an even look. I find that I prefer to use the G524 with lighter colored powder. The combination of the wide brush and dark colors is too harsh for my face. When going darker I still recommend a standard size eyebrow brush like the ones above (though my personal favorite is the excellent one from RMK).

Bottom Line: nice to have, especially if you had fantasies about a Claudio Riaz brush.

Hakuhodo G524 Eye Brow Brush L angled ($42) is available from They ship all over the world.

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