Thursday, April 12, 2012

Currently- April 2012

The Darlings by Cristina Alger. A Manhattan high society family during the 2008 financial crisis.

One of my favorite 90s bands and songs: Road Rage by Catatonia

Tom Ford Private Blend Champaca Absolute. I forgot how much I like it.

Highlighters. Cream, liquid or powder. I'm like a little girl with shiny things.

Frequently Worn

Robiola cheese. Wonderfully stinky.

Bane Of My Existence
Waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe.

Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure
Matzoh with Nutella.

This face:


Marni polka dot sandals.

Random Thought
My six year blogging anniversary is in two weeks. I wonder how to make it special.

How about you?

Art: The Peacock Shawl by G.O.W. Apperley, 1927.
Marni sandals: Net-a-Porter.


  1. I am totally with you on the matzah and nutella, and sweet furry faces. Pure joy!

  2. Book - Global Slump by David McNally for class
    Music - Beyonce
    Perfume - L'Artisan Parfumeur Vanille Absolument
    Makeup - Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
    Frequently Worn - BDG Black Cigarette Jeans
    Food - Coffee. And more coffee.
    Bane of My Existence - Being too overworked to take on new projects
    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure - Cadbury Mini Eggs
    Joy - Watching my 15-month old walk to me
    Anticipation - The end of the semester
    Wishlist - More time
    Random Thought - I wish I still updated my blog

  3. Book: The Hunger Games. I have young nieces and want to keep "in the know".
    Music: Beethoven's piano sonatas.
    Perfum: Vintage Jolie Madame
    Makeup: Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shine in Mi-Mai and Pampelune. They're like sunshine on the lips.
    Frequently Worn: A new earring and pendant set I recently got from a dear friend.
    Food: Veggie panini
    Bane of My Existence: Arthritis and migraines.
    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Godiva chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.
    Joy: Spring has sprung and my garden is beautiful.
    Anticipation: Guerlain's Emilio Pucci collection.
    Wishlist: Nothing, really. I have everything I want.
    Random Thought: The older I get, the more it is about doing; not wishing.

  4. Book: Nothing major, studying at the moment but anxiously awaiting the sequel to The Passage.
    Music: Old Greek music, always good when you're in a funk
    Perfum: Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I took a sniff and bought it; it's growing on me.
    Makeup: I just ordered the new Pucci Meteorites! I'm very excited and highly attracted by sparkly pretty things (ok I know they aren't sparkly but they certainly make me glow beautifully)
    Frequently Worn: A new earring and pendant set I recently got from a dear friend.
    Food: Well I'm fasting so I'm waiting on my mother to make her bean soup. No meat until Sunday!
    Bane of My Existence: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and prima donnas.
    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: McDonald's french fries. I love them but I avoid them like the plague except for very rarely. I managed to escape the temptation today as my coworkers decided to go there for lunch.
    Joy: Finishing a goal very long in coming in 2 weeks. Then I shall frolick!
    Anticipation: Chanel's summer 2012 bronzers
    Wishlist: An all expense paid dream vacation Not likely but nice to dream about.
    Random Thought: half our problems would be solved by minding our own business.

  5. Sophie is amazing :)

  6. Music: Bent
    Perfum: vintage Madame Rochas (i can't describe how beautiful this is)
    Makeup: golds and pale peaches (Rochas, Korres)
    Frequently worn: aubergine colour
    Food: i'm not eating too much these days
    Bane of my existence: smoking, not sleeping
    Shame inducing guilty pleasure: smoking
    Joy: ..............
    Anticipation: ...............
    Wishlist: painting more
    Random thought: I don't like the weight of "time" on my shoulders.

  7. Oh yes, matzoh with nutella! We swing both ways in my family, so I'm also snacking on chocolate mousse Peeps dipped in dark chocolate.

    Book - The Hunger Games. Yep.

    Smell - Guerlain's Chamade

    Makeup items - Chanel's shadow in Safari, Vapour Organic Beauty lipstick in Incognito, Logona blush in Peche, Couleur Caramel gloss in 817

    Music - Cocteau Twins, OMD, The Shins

    Clothing item - Just got the most amazing Mad Men era dress at a vintage boutique yesterday. Also got a navy kiss-lock clutch to match. Now to find some navy pumps!

    Movie - These are rare, at least the big screen kind. We need a sitter for that! But I've been in the mood for a little John Hughes - ESP Pretty in Pink. It is prom season, afterall...

    On my wish list - more spring frocks, preferably vintage. And some seasonless, go-with-almost-anything, multi-tasking casual shoes. A tall order, for sure.

    Bane of Mt existence - my 3 yr old daughter's tantrums. She's fiercely intelligent, and extremely independent, and has the vocab of a 5 yr old. Wish me luck...

  8. you should celebrate by buying those cute sandals! :)

  9. Book - Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice by David Swenson.
    Music - The Pixies.
    Perfume - Just found a bottle of TF Purple Patchouli, I am in heaven!
    Makeup - Anything by RBR.
    Frequently Worn - Black capri pants with red London Sole ballet flats.
    Food - none, still recovering from being in the hospital.
    Bane of My Existence - Supervising a troublesome employee.
    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure - Nutella!
    Joy - My kitty cats! (and seeing pictures of your furr-babies Gaia)
    Anticipation - The arrival of my TF Purple Patchouli!
    Wishlist - That my fever goes away... 102 and counting....
    Random Thought - Too many to count

  10. I love Road Rage by Catatonia! It reminds me of my best girl pal from my Marseille days (no longer with us sadly).

    I am so impressed that you are about to celebrate your 6 year blog anniversary. It takes great stamina to keep going and continue to produce new and interesting content and I am grateful as a reader. You are the thing that keeps it special :)

  11. Happy 6 years! Yours is one of the blogs I go to every day :-)

    I had just finished a book and looking for a new one, The Darlings sounded interesting, so I downloaded and I'm still reading it!


  12. Pictures of ALL THE KITTEHS would undoubtedly make it special... just sayin'...

  13. Gaia, your anniversary should indeed be special. What about some kind of contest? I loved the Perfume Posse 7-day signature scent challenge, for example. Ask readers which post worked best for them? Something fun! ~~nozknoz

  14. Congrats on your anniversary! Your blog is a joy!
    Book - Revisiting Les fleurs du mal
    Joy - Brazil is a gardener's haven. Our lemon trees are full of flowers and lemons, the jasmine sambac is growing wild, and the cambuci and pitanga trees just smell lovely.
    Bane - Can't have a cat, my dog seems way too interested in them...
    Music - Joan Jett
    Food - Carpaccio with fries


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