Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation SPF 12

I don't know what's the point of making a foundation in a fabulous texture that cause anyone who tries it to lust after the product, but only offer it in a handful of shades. True, Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation SPF 12 is quite flexible in the way the color blends with the skin; it also has a sheerness  that's close to a tinted moisturizer, but still: a foundation needs to really match the skin.

I've gone through a number of Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation samples and the SAs are generally right about sort-of-kind-of matching me with the medium shades. The one you see here is No. 4, Medium Beige, which looks really scary in the tube but blends nicely with the skin. However, my face is less forgiving than my inner arm and No. 4 is a too dark, so I ended up mixing this sample with lighter colors to get a better match.

The real story of Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation SPF 12 is the siliconized texture that is wonderfully silky and never sets into lines or other unsightlies. It doesn't require a primer, so this is a great solution for hectic mornings. The coverage is good, though not complete, which is fine with me. It requires serious moisturizing and I find that it's too drying during the winter (Face Fabric is designated for normal-to-oily skin, so no surprises there).

Bottom Line: Good but not for me.


  1. I also love the texture of face fabric, but like you, I don't have a color match :(

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