Monday, April 09, 2012

Victoria Beckham Rules May Harper's Bazaar: UK & China

Victoria Beckham is on the cover of two May editions of Harper's Bazaar: UK and China. Victoria is barely recognizable in the latter, with the very editorial makeup, bushy eyebrows and red hair(!). The UK Bazaar cover is not as interesting but utterly gorgeous, with a graphic retro eyeliner and nude lips. The retro theme continues in the editorial, of which this is my favorite photo:

I never thought I was going to become such a big Victoria Beckham fan, but here I am.

Photo credits:
Harper's Bazaar UK by Camilla Akrans (makeup artist Yumi Mori)
Harper's Bazaar China by Chen Man.


  1. Except for the China cover, these pictures of Victoria take me back to the "Mod" look of the 60's: black graphic eyeliner, nude lips and nearly nude cheeks. If I say she looks gorgeous, am I revealing my age? ;-)

  2. She looks more and more beautiful and sexy as she ages. Love her!

  3. I love Victoria's eye makeup on the Bazaar cover. I love her style generally, her clothing line is under rated, in my opinion.


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