Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sue Devitt Nampala E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow

Sue Devitt's E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow first appeared in my life a few years ago with a shimmery beige highlighter (the color is no longer available) that became a playful summer night staple. I often wondered why other brands din't adopt the roller ball approach for loose eye shadow, shimmer and glitter; it's so easy to apply. But truth be told I forgot all about this little Sue Devitt treat until I got Nampala as a gift with purchase. The very green shade with its almost metallic finish scared me at first, but testing revealed that the shimmer was finer and smoother than in my old E-Z Eye Roller Ball, so not only does Nampala make a good choice as a stunning (read: NSFW) lid color, but it can also be applied with a brush close to the lash line to enhance my eyeliner.

Sue Devitt's Nampala has a tropical feel, so I don't think I touched it all winter, but the other day I was scouring my collection lookig for something fresh and different, and noticed this lively green eye shadow. I'm still playing with various combinations, but can already tell you that the formula works well over cream shadows and pencils.

Bottom Line: Fun.

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow ($18) in Nampala and four other shades is available from Barneys and I got mine as a GWP.

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