Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Sweet Dust Seriema (071) Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow

Sweet Dust Seriema (071) is one of the sleeper colors in the eye shadow range of Rouge Bunny Rouge. The exact shade is hard to describe: something between mauve and light taupe, a bit cementish with cool tone leanings. It's not a "wow" color in the pan and doesn't scream of prettiness (see "cement"), but this silky matte Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow looks wonderful on the lid, makes for an excellent base and blending color, and goes well with an incredible number of other eye shadows, neutral and not.

I use Sweet Dust Seriema on such a regular basis that I know a dip in the pan is eminent. I can't help it: I love the luxurious texture and elegant finish, and as I said: it plays well with others.

Bottom Line: get a backup.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Sweet Dust Seriema and other colors ($27) are available from in the US and if you're anywhere else in the world.


  1. Fantastic review-- I agree with every word. This is such a great color and it really is so hard to describe. I love wearing this shade alone with a black winged-liner. The texture is so buttery soft- in a way seldom found in a matte eye shadow. I really hope that RBR further expands their matte range of colors because they are so amazing!

  2. I'm not so keen on matte shadows but you make this sounds so nice I may pick one up.


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