Friday, July 20, 2007

Cat in the Shadows

With all the talk about the new fall collections and limited edition products, it's easy to forget that the regular lines have some great colors worth considering when searching for a new look, or having to replace some old staples because the kitten got into your makeup stash and shattered one of your favorite eye shadows beyond salvation.

That's a true story. Miss Lizzy (pictured above) decided that my pan of Lorac Moonstone was the best cat toy ever, breaking both the plastic and the pressed shadow powder inside (sending a considerable amount of product flying all over the bathroom). I went to Sephora to get a new one, but they were out of stock that day, which sent me looking for a replacement.

What I found and loved was the Creaseless Cream shadow/Liner from Benefit. I got two: RSVP ( a light, shimmery champagne color with pinkish undertones) and Skinny Jeans (a metallic charcoal, quite dark). I've been wearing them so much that I know I'll have to get a few in other colors.

This is the first cream shadow I've tried that doesn't crease on my lids. It stays put and lasts for the entire day or night. I use a primer, of course, which helps the cream glides evenly and stays in place. The shadows are easy to blend and play nice both with each other and with other colors.

RSVP is a great highlighter, it has just the right amount of pigment to show up on my skin, and the shimmer isn't too much. It's delicate enough for wearing during the day. Skinny Jeans is also great as a liner. I apply it with a synthetic flat brush. while the texture is too thick for a very thin line (at least in my unprofessional hand), it's still easy enough to draw and can work great for a smoky eye look.

Another benefit of a cream shadow: It's kitten proof.


  1. Precious kitten. Livia, my cat, loves to destroy my e/s brushes... I'm thinking in taking revenge doing my own brushes with her nice orange tail... just kidding...

  2. I recently caught my kitty Felix (actually, one of four kitties) pawing at my new lambskin purse, which somehow survived rather unscathed. This is the same cat that I caught pulling the fur out of the hood of my new winter coat about a year and a half ago. Fortunately, the damage was again unnoticeable - despite the seemingly huge pile of fur on the carpet.

    Needless to say, he's one lucky cat.

    He also has a thing for shoes, but he just lays on them, nuzzles them, purrs, etc.


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