Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lancome Secret de Vie Eye

My skin care regimen was simplified big time soon after I discovered Lancome's Secret de Vie. I eliminated steps and most products from my routine and haven't looked back since. For several months I didn't even use an eye cream. I just used SdV instead, and it worked well. The cream is nourishing, calming and protecting, everything that I could ask for, and it's a well-known secret that other than in very specific cases you don't really need seperate moisturizers for face and eyes.

However, given the chance to try the new(ish) Secret de Vie Eye, I was just as happy to re-add a product to my skin pampering ritual. One of the thing I like and respect about the marketing and promises that come with this is that no one is talking about erasing lines, lifting skin or any of the usual hype that goes with top-of-the line skin care. The cream is supposed to boost skin's renewal activity and improve its texture. And, just like the face cream, it delivers.

There are no miracles here and I wasn't transformed back to my 20s (thank you, universe). My under eye area was in decent shape even before (as good as it can be, given my age and the fact that I've always had dark circles), thanks to using the regular SdV. The added improvement seemed to be marginal at first, but over time I suddenly realized that I'm using a lot less concealer, if any at all. Something there is definitely working.

I tested the eye cream on my face a couple of times, trying to see how different they are. It felt more sticky and not as quick to absorb as the regular cream. Since they are not the same, I assume that the eye formula has been tweaked for the more delicate skin.

Now, the question is, at $135, is it a necessary product?
It's not easy to answer. If you're in the market for a really good eye product and can afford to buy this one without having to go on a ramen noodle diet for the next month, then by all means, go ahead.
If you're already using the regular SdV and don't have any eye area special needs, you can probably be just as happy using the face cream all over without adding this one.
On the other hand, if you recoiled at the idea of buying the original SdV but your under eye could use all the help it can get, then the eye cream might be the answer.

One last word of caution: Both SdV products are scented, so if you're plagued with allergies to perfumed skin care, this isn't the one for you.

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