Monday, July 23, 2007

Crabtree & Evelyn In-Shower Moisturizer

Here's an interesting concept for those of us who are genetically linked to alligators: Showering with a moisturizer. There are several moisturizing gels and body washes on the market, but Crabtree & Evelyn are trying a new angle with their In-Shower Moisturizer. Basically, it's a moisturizing cream that is supposed to be suitable for showering.

It's a good idea, I'm just not sold out on the actual product.  Crabtree & Evelyn In-Shower Moisturizer doesn't spread as well as a shower product usually does and it's a bit too slippery under water. I didn't expect it to lather, but I wanted it to feel like it was getting me cleaned, considering the shower scenario.

As far as moisturizing goes, patting it on a wet/damp skin seems to be quite effective, but it's more of a moisture-sealing product than a nourishing one, and my skin requires a little more than that. However, if your skin is less demanding than mine, this might be a very good product (as long as the texture doesn't skeeves you out).

My other issue was scent. I tried the mango butter and cranberry and wasn't impressed with it. It didn't smell like either cranberry or mango, just something synthetic, medicinal and not too pleasant. Not very different than the Lemon & Sage line from Bliss. It's a very non  Crabtree & Evelyn scent, as they are usually on the lady-like floral side.

I'm not giving up on the Naturals line just yet. I'm curious about the body butters. They have a potential to be great if they managed to get the scent right, and the same goes for the  Crabtree & Evelyn shower mousse.


  1. I have the Illipe Butter, Lemograss, and Sugar body butter, and while I preferred the scent to the others that were in stock at the shop I bought it from, I'm not wild about it, nor is the snot green color particularly pleasing. However, the butter's texture and result is amazing, which is the reason I keep using it.

  2. I've got the Milk soy and sugar one. Although it is a bit tricky to apply without most of it getting completely washed off, it smells really yummy. I also used to ahve the Mango and Grapefruit Shower Foam and I liked that too.


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