Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Miuccia Prada wants us dead

Slow, agonizing death by shoes.

I saw this pair on Shoewawa (the best name ever for a shoe blog, if you're asking me), and had to bring them here. I can dance all night in well-made stilettos, but this is too much. Just look at the slope and imagine the pain.

I see these shoes in Posh Beckham's future. She deserves them.


  1. my feet are cramping just looking at those...

  2. Surely they defy the laws of physics?

  3. I love the combination of colors and textures. Properly designed, they could be my go-to shoes.

  4. T- ...And you're not even the target audience ;-)

    QoS- They defy just about everything. From laws of physics to common sense.

    Elaine- I agree about colors and textures. I even like the general shape of the heel. It's just the idea of putting my feet into them that is killing me.


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