Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Takin' it EZ

Tomorrow I'm going to post my first review of items from Chanel's fall line, but tonight I have something far for fitting for hot summer nights (but good enough to use for glamorous evenings all year round).

Normally I'm not a fan for loose eye shadow because of the klutz factor. I always end up putting more effort into wiping off stray powder than actually putting it in place. However, with Sue Devitt's roll-on E-Z eye shadow you don't need more than basic brush skills for blending these cute shimmery colors. While there are a couple of darker shades that are probably better applied to the lid and crease, I prefer those that can be used as a highlighter for the brow bone and as a wash of shimmer over another color.

I tested Kouri, a color described as "bubbly champagne". It's very light and the pigment itself didn't show much on my skin. What it did was coat it with a very delicate and pretty shimmer. The roll-on head glides easily, so applying it is a snap. The powder is very fine and blends well with other shadows. I used it over a primer (Urban Decay), as well as over Benefit's Lemon Aid. Both kept nicely in place without flaking, fading or migrating for the entire night.

Just ignore what it says on Sephora's site and don't shake the bottle. I shook it the first time I used my shadow and ended up with a shimmery cheekbone.

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