Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lancome UV Expert with Mexoryl SX SPF 20

No one can tell, but under the bronzers and self tanner I'm the palest I've ever been. My biggest beauty resolution for this year was to get serious about sun protection,and I've been doing quite well. I'm covering up, slathering on and staying in the shade whenever possible.

So far, so good. I can already tell that I'm doing my skin a favor while managing to avoid getting any new freckles and spots (my old ones are fading nicely and my skin tone is more even than it's been in many years, thanks to daily use of a serum, my second beauty resolution).

My weapon in this war is the new Lancome UV Expert with Mexoryl SX SPF 20. This sun filter wasn't available in the US until recently, when the FDA has finally approved it. Those in the know bought it on every trip abroad, but now it's here.

This cream is a decent moisturizer, it goes on and spreads easily enough and while not a real alternative to the Smashbox primer (that I don't wear on summer days), it's adequate under makeup and doesn't cause any mishaps. It feels pleasant, doesn't clog pores and keeps those harmful rays away. I put in on my face, cleavage and the back of my hands daily, and other body parts if they are exposed.

Happy 4th to all of you in the US. Have fun and use sunscreen if you're grilling outdoors.

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  1. If you want a true moisturizer with this latest sun filter (mexoryl sx), try the Anthelios SX from la roche-posay (available at It is a great moisturizer to use really everyday not only during the summer and it protects u from the uva and uvb


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