Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Farewell, Jane Magazine

August will see the last issue of Jane Magazine (and its website). I imagine that things are getting tough for print media when we no longer need to wait for the monthly fashion and beauty fix they offer us, because we all get it daily from reading the blogs. Not to mention, designers who know what's good for them allow streaming their shows online in real time.

I can't see myself giving up my subscriptions any time soon, and some magazines seem to be adjusting to this new reality better than others. I hope this is the last closing we have to witness.

Do you still read the monthly glossies? do you see yourself stopping reading them? What do they need to do to keep you as a reader? How many beauty and fashion blogs do you visit regularly?

A Socialite's Life has this related little story about the going-ons when a magazine is about to lock its doors (and its fashion closet).


  1. Sad! Jane was the first *Women's* magazine I bought to supplement my subscriptions to teen magazines. While I'm sad to see it go under, I think Jane and I had a lot in common back then -- hoping for fashionable and a little bit sassy, but ultimately too cheap and awkward to be convincing.

    The end of an era, though? I love the freedom of blogs and the immediacy of online coverage, but it will never replace finding a crisp issue of Vogue in the mailbox. The printed supply may diminish as the unrefined are replaced by virtually-free internet content, but I can't imagine fashion or female culture without the perfumed pages of a few solid magazines.

  2. I love fashion magazines! I subscribe to Vogue and Bazaar and have an arrangement with a coworker to swap for W. I've had a brutal week of work--working weekends and night as well a during the day--so last night I bought an Allure and Elle and took an evening off. Elle plus a martini, maybe with a Fellini DVD to follow? My favorite night in.

    I read at least half a dozen perfume blogs a day, this is the only beauty blog I tune in to.


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