Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chanel Fall 2007

When I first saw Hibiscus, the new Glossimer from Chanel Fall 2007 collection, I thought it was almost identical to Force, which I already have. They look practically the same in the tube, and I was a bit disappointed, since I wanted something plummier.

However, once you apply Hibiscus, the color is actually quite different. It is, indeed, more purple/pink. It's not as dark and looks more sheer on the lips. Force is redder, darker and is much more diva. It's an evening color, and even then I often blend it with a lighter color.

Hibiscus is more wearable and would look just as fabulous on a fall day as it's lovely at night. I even tested them side by side on my lips (that was an amusing "things I do for my blog" moment) just to see the difference, and I like Hibiscus much better. Since it has less pigment, applying and coating the lips evenly is easier.

Hibiscus is shimmery, but unlike earlier glossimers it isn't gritty at all. On the contrary: The formula is smooth, comfortable and long-lasting (for a gloss) without being sticky. You can find it at your local Nordstrom and Saks and, of course, online.

Tomorrow: A review of Chanel's Sheer Fantasy lipstick.

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  1. Oh those colors are gorgeous! I want to try everything!


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