Thursday, July 12, 2007

Men Don't Dream About Coconut- Sage Machado Onyx

This morning I read a Fragrance Bouquet post about coconut perfumes. A casual comment Divina made about her boyfriend being a serious coconut-hater has made me realize that this is very likely a universal male issue. Friends, Friends' husbands, old boyfriends (and anyone who isn't my father) don't like the taste or the smell of coconut, while women are usually big fans (I've heard many a woman saying that she had to alter a recipe for a significant other who wouldn't touch anything with coconut).

I love coconut in food (Whole Foods have these sinful chocolate macaroons), but not so much in fragrance. I even passed on the Estee Lauder Tom Ford Azuree oil (The Blond has seriously wrinkled his nose at it). The whole suntan lotion or Hawaiian Tropic appeal is lost on me. It smells cheap and definitely doesn't feel sexy, try as I might to get the Carmen Miranda vibe going (sans banana hat, that is).

I do make one exception, and that's for Onyx by Sage. Technically, it's a coconut scent, but it's also very dark and almost mysterious. I don't think I ever detected oakmoss (next I'll get the oil. Maybe it's there more than in the EdT), but that blend of vanilla and tobacco is like wearing a sexy white dress on a summer night in a tropical island, with an adventure that's just about to begin.


  1. Adding my DH to the list of male coconut haters :-)

  2. for some reason coconut does really well on my skin. i have a couple perfumes that include it (including azuree soliel)and my boyfriend likes them!it mellows out nicely and turns soft and creamy, almost woodsy. which is nice because i love coconut but don't think i could handle smelling like a pina colada!

  3. SOLD! Great description. Onxy on its way...


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