Saturday, July 07, 2007


I keep my hair at around 2.5'-3'.
That's between 75-100 cm, for the non-American world.

Yes, it's long. No, it's not hard to maintain. I keep it clean and well-moisturized, and use products to keep it soft, shiny, and avoid frizz on top and around my face. Recently I've been using Fekkai's Glossing Sheer Shine Mist (try saying it quickly several times in a row). This mist is used on dry hair, unlike most of the other hair products in my arsenal.

It's definitely glossing the hair nicely and helps with frizz control tasks. I like the shiny results, even though it does somewhat weigh my hair down, not to the point of visible grease, but it opens up the curls and waves, so my guess is it's great for those who blow dry to straighten. Another benefit of this mist is help with detangling.

The one drawback is for those of us with sensitive scalps. If I'm not careful, even the tiniest amount makes my head itch.

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