Thursday, July 05, 2007

People of the Labyrinths- Luctor et Emergo

Fragrances, like most people, are temperamental. The way they smell on us and to us changes with the weather, with the time of day, with the amount of moisture in our skin and also with our mood.

Luctor et Emergo (the first scent from Dutch house People of the Labyrinths who also brought us A*Maze) is the most temperamental scent I've come across. It's almost as extreme as the reaction it gets from those who try it. Opinions among bloggers and others vary greatly, from "divine" to "play-doh". One thing that most agree on: Unlike A*Maze, this is a very original and unusual scent. There's nothing else quite like it.

I adore this scent. It plays tricks on me. Sometimes it's very gourmand. It can smell as an incredibly rich marzipan, filled with a cherry that has been marinated in a rich liqueur, and then settle into a deep woody vanilla. Other times the foody notes go away and leave behind cherry wood and incense. Sometimes it's the incense itself that smells like cherry.

The balance between sweet and spice varies when I wear it. Sometimes it's very feminine, almost girly. Other times it's very dry and serene, making it male-friendly. I get neither grass and hey, nor white flowers, so this is never light on my skin. It's rich and addictive and never fails to make feel pretty.

Photo via People of the Labyrinths Facebook page.


  1. Oh, how I wish it did that for me. Land me firmly in the play-doh camp. Sad, since I have smelled it on others upon whom it is to die for.

  2. T- That's too bad. LeE is such a fun scent when it works. Of corse, I have a whole list of heartbreaks from scents that hate me, so I'm familiar with the disappointment. I need to get my husband to try this one. I wonder what it would smell like on him.


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