Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot Summer Nights- Annick Goutal Le Nuits D'Hadrien

I once referred to Annick Goutal's Les Nuits D'Hadrien as Hadrien's sexy older sister. This is technically inaccurate, because while Eau D'Hadrien is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Les Nuits is a 2003 release.

Still, EdH is the ultimate inoffensive summer scent, worn by men and women on those days when no other fragrance is tolerated. While it's sometimes mentioned as the freshest, greenest and most beloved of all citrus scent, LNDH has more edge with its ambery base and spicy heart.

The note that makes the original Hadrien so dear to my heart is cypress, with its dark green, woody and dusty base. It's what separates this scent from Jo Malone type scents and keeps me interested. The cypress is gone from Les Nuits, and replaced with a richer blend of somewhat sweeter notes: Tangerine and mandarin orange in the opening soften the familiar blast of Sicilian lemon. I never detect the promised ylang-ylang, and the spicy heart sometimes hides the cumin when I smell it on my skin (though it's always there when sniffing the bottle). What I get more than anything is a powdery amber and sandalwood drydown that still have the citrusy punch, but is edgier than the original.

They promise white musk, but I guess they're using my blind-spot molecule, so I can only attempt a guess that this should be even sexier to the right nose. All I can say is that I get occasional cravings for LNDH, and right now I'm seriously coveting the body cream. It might help the scent last longer.

(The bottle in the picture is the special butterfly bottle, available at few locations. You can get the EdP in the regular bottle at most department stores and online discounters. As with EdH, there's also a EdT version, but considering the questionable staying power, I wouldn't recommend it.)

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