Thursday, July 19, 2007

More for Fall

Two more collections for fall are now available (at least online. For some reason, Sephora stores tend to be a little behind on these launches and I haven't checked my local department stores yet). Smashbox and Nars are offering fall looks that don't feel very fall-like, and frankly, while many of the colors are pretty, there's nothing too exciting in either collection.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get the vision behind Nars' Modern Odyssey. It's supposedly "smolders with a moody palette of warm metallics for a look of mythic sophistication and strength.". Seriously? And how exactly does it manifest itself in the look of this model? She could just as well be cast as a victim in some b-movie. That wide-eyed, scared for her life (because her lashes has life of their own and they are about to eat her brain) is neither mythical, nor strong. And lifeless lips aren't that hot, either.

Once you look at the actual collection you find more color. The eye shadow trios are cute enough, but all over the place, and don't have anything that we haven't seen before (unlike last spring's Habanera). There's blue, there's gold, there's rose... take your pick. I like Kalahari, a combination of gold and frosted cocoa, but unless they've reinvented these colors, I don't think it's a must-have.

In the lip department, you don't actually need to look dead like their model. There's a sheer lipstick in candy apple red (Flamenco) and the Chantaco lip gloss is a very pretty reddish berry (they label it as rhubarb) that would flatter most and coordinate with most other fall colors.

The makeup on the Smashbox model, showing their Decadence collection is also heavy on the eyes on nude on the lips. It's less annoying, probably because she doesn't look as terrified as Nars Girl, which is a really good start. Out of the two eye shadow trios, I prefer the one called Indulgence, with the slate and graphite. It's an interesting alternative to the Bobbi Brown Stonewashed nudes, as long as it's lightly applied. The model seems to be wearing the other trio, Opulence, which is focused on warmer browns. Nothing we haven't seen (or don't own) before.

The gel eye liner is metallic black. I'm curious to see how different it is from last year's Lancome Starshower (it was a limited edition and is no longer available).

While the model is probably wearing the Socialite lipstick (didn't we have enough already with the "socialite" label? It's not that hot nowadays) in a sandwash pink (in other words: beiged within an inch of its life), there's a beautiful deep berry gloss under the original name "vixen".

Speaking of Smashbox: Nordstrom are offering an exclusive Smashbox set. It looks like one of the best deals in their big sale (starts tomorrow, you can already order online). It has some of their biggest bestsellers, and the eye shadow palette looks like the best collection of neutrals one could ask for. As with all Smashbox sets, the value is extraordinary (you pay $68 for a $192.50 worth of products).

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  1. Orange lipstick and mink eyelashes are not hot.

    Neither is hair the color (and texture) of rattan..


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