Friday, July 27, 2007

Lorac- Cocoa Eye Shadow

The feline-induced misfortune that sent my Lorac Moonstone eyeshadow aflying, ashuttering and asprinkled all over the bathroom has resulted in a few nice beauty discoveries. While I haven't replaced Moonstone, I did get another Lorac single shadow, Cocoa. It ended up being too dark for using as a highlighter, but the taupish color is very pretty and works surprisingly well in the crease and for contouring.

It's understated and neutral, the sheen is subtle, and like every Lorac Shadow I've come across so far, nicely pigmented, so brushing on a thin coat is all I need. The shadow stays in place without fading or flaking, and since I use an eye primer, it doesn't fade until I remove it. Cocoa has become one of my favorite daytime neutrals this summer, and I can see it being used just as much in the fall with a bold lip.

I haven't tried it wet, though it's a wet/dry formula. Someone with a pale skin can easily use it as a liner and create a very elegant smoky eye without the "morning after" effect. Just remember that the color is quite a bit darker than it looks both in the picture and in Sephora's store lighting.

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  1. Your feline-induced misfortune really did make me laugh out loud. One of my cats is fascinated with my makeup. He gets up on the counter and watches every morning. He's very, very suspicious of the eyelash curler and keeps a close eye on it.


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