Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are You Having A Bad Day?

This photo of Clint Eastwood from a 1971 Playboy fashion spread (indeed) just might improve your day.

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  1. Well yes, it did. Because the idea that Clint posed in that crochet nightmare and lived to tell the tale makes me like him that much more..

  2. Hmm. Already had my bad day this month, but the photo of Clint Eastwood has much improved today's outlook, whatever happens. :-) Crochet nightmare indeed! And I agree with tmp00, it does make me like him more...oddly.

  3. Ack! Can't believe what guys & gals (including me) wore in the 70's. But that was the style during The Decade that Good Taste Forgot.

    P.S. I'd forgotten how pretty the young Clint Eastwood was.

  4. I love this vintage picture. It's pretty hot and I have never thought about Clint that way...oh wait...he's pretty hot in the Good, Bad, and Ugly days!

  5. O la la!!! Is all I can say!
    (great find btw)

  6. Oh my! That sweater.

    Lexi, watch The Beguiled sometime (I think it's on DVD). He was all that and then some.

  7. What's funny is that the crocheted vest doesn't detract from how gorgeous he is! Now THAT'S good lookin'!

    Thanks for sharing- any bets the female model was able to talk him OUT of the vest?



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