Monday, December 28, 2009

Things I Don't Get

1. A pink puffy vest by Jil Sander? Why would anyone want it?
Yes, I understand that Jil Sander, the designer, has more or less lost the rights to her own name. She now designs for Japanese Uniqlo stores under the +J brand, which probably means she needs to come up with items that would appeal to a certain audience. But wouldn't shoppers who are looking for Jil Sander designs be fans of sleek and sophisticated urban style and not Barbie on ice?

Can anyone shed some light?

2. This Missoni ensemble. Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge Missoni fan and find their clothes timeless and super versatile. I wear them year-round and pair them with just about anything and everything. But here, even the model looks miserable.

Photos and info: WWD


  1. LMAO. The Jil Sander puffy vest probably was a spin-off of the Jcrew puffy vests and jackets, but they don't realize Jcrew has the magic of making messy and odd look good sometimes.

    That missoni outfit killed me. O-M-G. LOL.

  2. LOL, I'm fairly obsessed with Missoni, but i have to agree with you on that outfit - yikes!

    The model knows it is a bad outfit - you can see it on her face!

  3. That Jil Sander looks like LL Bean.

    That particular Missoni looks like a test pattern of WPIX circa 1959. (not that I was there). Maybe it's a joke we don't get.

  4. Hmm, horizontal stripes on pants.....never a good idea.

  5. As for Jill Sander puffy vests: these colors are extremely popular in Scandinavian countries and in Finland, so probably they were designed to Scandinavian market.

    As for Missoni: it is not the outfit which is bad, it is how the details of it are put together, or in other words-styling.


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