Tuesday, December 08, 2009


All the books, and I mean each and every last one, are still packed in 50 boxes. I've almost forgiven them for the nearly sleepless night it took to pack them; a night in which The Blond and I cursed Barnes, Noble, Jeff Bezos and every author ever lived for supplying us with these books.

Mess- Ben Folds

Frequently worn outfit/item
Black yoga pants. Glamorous.

Purple Patchouli from Tom Ford Private Blend.

Le Metier de Beaute black eyeliner pen. A holy grail if there ever was one.

Soup. Homemade, Whole Foods-made or the miso soup from the local vegan Asian place. Just give me soup.

Nothing compares to the first cup of tea we made in the new house.

Guilty Pleasure
Starbucks eggnog latte.

Bane of my existence
The thought of all the boxes still waiting to be unpacked.

The new house. Every last bit, even those that still require work.

My brother-in-law is visiting this weekend.

The two paintings above, Earth Song I and II by Ana Tzarev. They are going to look lovely on one of our walls.

Insert your favorite Tiger Woods joke here.

What are your recommendations, joys and banes? Please share.


  1. New Tiger motto: "Just did it"

    Lusting heavily after the Tom Ford Puple Patchouli.

  2. Book: In Spite of Myself by Christopher Plummer.

    Song: How About You by Burton Lane and Ralph Freed, 1941. Don't ask me why this has been running through my head.

    Frequently worn item: Yoga pants!

    Perfume: Rochas Femme

    Makeup: Ecco Bella

    Food: Trying to be careful, knowing that the over-indulgent holidays and parties are coming up.

    Drink: Coquito (worth saving calories for!)

    Guilty Pleasure: See "Drink"

    Bane of my existence: Work

    Joy: My free treadmill

    Anticipation: Two holiday parties this weekend

    Wishlist: Sonoma Scent Studio's Tabac Aurea

    As for a Tiger Woods joke, I got nothin'. Many have already gotten there with much funnier stuff than I could think up.


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