Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strange Invisible Perfumes- Musc Botanique

It was a nice coincidence that today's post on Perfume Shrine is the first in a series exploring musk. It's a fascinating read about this ancient and multifaceted ingredient and note and a great introduction to Musc Botanique from Los Angeles perfumery house Strange Invisible Perfumes.

Musc Botanique belongs to the carnal/dirty side of musks. It's raw and human, and after the unsettling opening it settles and melts right into my skin. Herbal and almost chewy, the top notes remind me of Ambre Sultan, of all things, but that part doesn't last very long. The rest of the scent is all body, texture and warmth. Sometimes I could swear I smell something rosy and a hint of tuberose, but I think it's my mind's interpretation of a certain sensation. It is somewhat floral and the official notes mention geranium, which explains the rose impression. There's also a ripe, fruity element in the heart, as I find in other (in)famous big musks like the one from CB I Hate Perfume and Uncle Serge's MKK.

All in all, Musc Botanique is a delightful treat for musk lovers in both its formulations- parfum and EDP. I've tried samples of both (purchased from Strange Invisible Perfume website) and my preference is for the parfum, because it's longer lasting and feels even more luxurious. But the EDP is just as fabulous if you don't mind reapplying after a couple of hours.

Musc Botanique and the rest of the SIP line is available online from the company's website (siperfumes.com). Select scents including this one can also be found at Barneys.

Photo of Marilyn Monroe by Edward Clark, August 1950 from life.com

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  1. I looked for the SIPs at Barneys NY in the spring and was told they no longer stocked them. Do you know if any other Barneys stores carry the line?


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