Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation SPF 15 (M40 Honey)

When I bought my emergency Cover FX Total Coverage foundation I also got the lighter product, Natural FX Water Based Foundation. This liquid foundation is a lot easier to use and can be applied on larger areas or the entire face (I've found that I prefer to use Total Coverage very sparingly and only on those spots where I have something to hide). It still gives very good coverage (medium+), but doesn't act as spackle and is far less drying.

I don't love it as much as my holy grail Chanel Vitalumiere, but that's simply because my preference for minimal coverage and a more dewy look. Then again, sometimes I do need a little more help, which is why I bought the Cover FX products in the first place, and for this purpose they don't disappoint. I've found that it works best over a silicone primer and a well-moisturized face. I'd still avoid using it on dry patches or on days the weather and skin feel parched.

It was harder to settle on a color for Natural FX than for Total Coverage. Once again I ended up with M40 (honey), but it took me longer to choose it, because before testing on my face I tried each foundation color on my wrist just to see the undertone, and M40 looked way too yellow. But while M30 (Cashew) was slightly a better fit on my arm, it was too pale with a pink hint when meeting my face. I suspect that if I want the best match ever I need to mix these colors. Something like two parts M40 and one part M30, but as it is I usually mix the Cover FX with my Chanel which gives me a similar result.

The main thing about this foundation is application. Sponges, wet or dry, lay it on too thick, and I've found that my fingers don't do an even enough job, which is important when you use anything that isn't of the minimal coverage family. I've been using it with several of the foundation brushes I already owned, but decided I need to do things right to get the most out of the products. I caved and ordered two Cover FX brushes: #160 Cream Foundation Brush and #170 Precision Foundation Brush (the one with the pointy tip). They only arrived today, so I have yet to test them, but I can tell you they look promising in density and weight.

Bottom line: An above average product and above average coverage. Gives picture-worthy results as long as you stay hydrated and moisturized.

Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation ($40) and foundation brushes ($36-38) are available from Sephora. I bought the foundation in store and ordered the brushes online.

All photos by me.

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