Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation (M40 Honey)

I'm a light coverage person. My thing is sheer,dewy foundation or tinted moisturizers that let skin breath and look natural. But a couple of months ago I decided I needed a higher performance emergency foundation. That's how I found myself at Sephora Union Square testing, swatching on my cheeks, running to the front of the store where there's more natural light, examining my skin from all direction, wiping it off and repeating the process...

Choosing a foundation is tedious, especially when you're trying a new-to-you brand. It's not glamorous, not really fun and you're always aware that the wrong shade would make your face look ridiculous. I spent nearly half an hour on this, which didn't make me happy. I regard Sephora as a necessary evil, not really a fun place. I'm more of a Bergdorf shopper, but Sephora has some exclusive brands and the option to try, test and play with products without a commission-hungry SA breathing down your neck is a huge advantage and help me tolerate the music and general atmosphere.

I settled on M40 Honey after also trying M30 and M50, to be sure I got it right. It's a great match and the color looks natural. The part that is more difficult for me and keeps the Total Coverage Cream Foundation as an emergency-only product is the texture. This is a real, grown-up, heavy duty foundation. It's very thick and if not applied carefully can go pancake-like. The compact comes with a sponge, but it's much better to use a foundation brush and stipple the cream where needed. The foundation is also quite dry. It means that it doesn't move or budge, but you also need to completely avoid the eye area (or you'd discover lines you have no idea you had) and not apply it anywhere you tend to get dry patches.

When I tried to use the Total Coverage to conceal redness around my nose, it got dry, flaky and made the situation ten times worse, even though I was using a silicone primer. But when brushed judiciously where needed, the result is as close to airbrushed as it gets. Sometimes that's exactly what one needs.

Bottom line: Not fun, but it works.

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation ($42) is available from Sephora, on line and in store.

Photos by me.


  1. Hi great post, but what is your MAC color? I'm NC30 and wanted to know if M40 would be suitable for my skin. Thanks.

  2. Fatima, I don't wear MAC but I'm between NC30 and 35, though none is a perfect match for me.

  3. Hi! I am so glad that you wrote a review of this foundation because I used it 3 years ago when I got married in Canada (suggested by MUA) and liked it so much that I bought it and the Mineral fx in M40, but kind of lost track and have recently rediscovered it again! I hardly wear foundation, not because I don't need it I really do but I have the hardest time finding the perfect match and so far M40 has been the perfect shade in all lighting. I am on a big makeup kick again and I wanted to ask you what other foundations (especially liquid) do you use and their shades? I would love to try your suggestions that match M40. Thanks.


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