Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Of...- Perennial Favorites

Before starting the "Best Of 2009" post (stay tuned- it's coming later today) I thought it would be interesting to go back and examine my lists from previous years and see which products have become staples in my beauty and fragrance routine. A quick look at last year's favorites shows that nothing has changed. I love and use everything mentioned, and I definitely think that Onda by Vero Kern is one of the best perfumes on the market. It's more interesting to see the older posts. I've skipped products that were discontinued since I wrote about them, so here is what I still consider as "Best Of":

From 2006:

Lancome Secret de Vie cream- I've been going through jars upon jars of this stuff. My skin still loves it.
Urban Decay Primer Potion- While there are a lot more eye shadow primers on the market today, I still buy this one. The packaging is annoying, but it's all about performance. My eye makeup hasn't crumbled, melted or faded in years.
Lorac palettes- Back then it was the Snake Charmer palette. I still use it and have since added a couple more.
Niche perfumes- If you're a regular reader you know where I stand on this.
Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP- I still consider Black Orchid as one of the best mainstream/luxury perfume releases of the decade. I wear it, buy it as a gift and enjoy every minute of this weird black truffle-gardenia-chocolate scent.
Benefit Dallas- A summer staple. I got my mom and sister hooked on it, too.
Skin MD Shielding Lotion- I've gone through bottle of this skin saver. They sell it at my local CVS, which makes things easier than when it was only available online.

From 2007:

Zoya nail polish- Love, and not just because they named a shimmery golden white polish after me. The quality is unbeatable, and no matter how many limited edition special polish bottles I buy elsewhere, I always come back to Zoya.
Chanel hand cream- Can't live without it.
Chanel nail polish- limited edition colors. Back then it was the gorgeous Tulip Noir and I'm still a sucker for them. Jade, anyone?
Bobbi Brown metallic eye shadows- Bobbi Brown managed to make them wearable and office-friendly.
Chanel lipstick- The addiction continues. Between the limited edition colors and the regular collection, Chanel is, to me, the standard for quality.
Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel- They stay on forever and the new colors Forest Shimmer Ink and Caviar Ink are gorgeous.
Tauer Perfumes- Every new release makes me giddy. Spoiler alert: Un Rose Chypree is going to make an appearance in my next post.
The Perfumed Court and The Posh Peasant online stores offer a unique service of samples and decants. It's the only way to test many rare, vintage, discontinued and limited edition perfumes
Boots No. 7 at Target- Still far better than most drugstore brands.
Biotherm Homme Ultra Confort- My husband's favorite skin care product. I make sure he never runs out.
Gris Clair, Vetiver Oriental and the rest of the Serge Lutens line- While my husband is currently in his Tom Ford period, Uncle Serge's creations are still loved here very much. With the exception of cumin-infested Serge Noire, he really can't do wrong.

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