Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Molinard Lavande (EDT New Version)

Lavande by Molinard is not a sophisticated perfume. There's nothing there to carry you anywhere but straight into a sun-warmed lavender field. Or, like some of my cats, into the pile of sweet scented clean laundry. Still, it provides a lot of pleasure, whether you wear it on your body or use it, the way I do, to scent your sheets every day.

Lavande is mostly a clean, herbal lavender with a hint of sharp green at the top and a musky vanilla drydown. My skin amplifies the sweetness and I'm perfectly fine with it, even if it smells more like a guilty pleasure than a real perfume. Lavande is an EDT, so I'm not sure how much real raw lavender goes into each bottle, but it still feels calming and optimistic, like a young Provencal girl with pink cheeks, letting her clean laundry air in the breeze.

Lavande, like several Molinard scents, can be found criminally cheap at several online discounters. I buy it from, where before any coupon codes it's priced at $21.50.

Art: Scent of Lavender by Gerhard Nesvadba

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