Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paul & Joe Lipstick And Lip Liner (Reckless 63, Fig 6)

Between the lovely packaging and the gel-like texture of Reckless, Paul & Joe's limited edition lipstick, there was very little chance I wouldn't like it. Add to it a perfect (for me) day-to-night red and you've got a big, big love.

Not everyone wears red lipstick during the day, but if you have an olive skin and a penchant for darker colors, Reckless just might be your next favorite lipstick. It's not too dramatic and wouldn't get you mistaken for Gwen Stefani, but it's right on trend and looks very flattering. Paler faces would probably keep it to night time, where it's right at home.

It's interesting to note how rich and deep the pigment wears, despite the balmy texture. When I first tested Reckless, I expected it to be almost sheer because it felt like a gel. Yet, the coverage is great and it's a real woman's lipstick.It stays on relatively well and doesn't feather. You'll need to reapply after lunch, which would be a great excuse to pull out the beautiful tube and admire it again. I just love the paisley print on the outside and the embossed flower on the lipstick itself. It's these small touches that make Paul & Joe makeup such a treat (not to mention a great gift).

When I was at Bergdorf I also got a Paul & Joe lip liner. Number 6, Fig, didn't look like a perfect match when I tested it on my arm (as you can see in the swatch). It has more brown than Reckless and I didn't think they'd go together. Apparently, I might be wrong, as the liner looks softer when applied to my lips and the lipstick covers and blends with it nicely. Still, I admit I'd rather pair each one with other lipsticks and liners, because I wouldn't risk the Pamela Anderson look.

Paul & Joe limited edition lipstick in Reckless -63 ($20) and Fig lip liner ($16) are available from Bergdorf Goodman and

Photos by me.


  1. I absolutely love this lipstick. It looks too good to use!

  2. You got me hooked on the Paul & Joe products, Gaia :-)! I LOVE their packaging.


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