Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gucci Flora (Eau de Toilette)

I guess the universe was trying to tell me something, since for the last couple of months almost every time I bought cosmetics anywhere- online or in store- someone has shoved a sample of Flora by Gucci into my bag or package. I smelled it before and wasn't very impressed, but as the samples started to accumulate, I realized I'll have to properly test Flora and review it. You don't want to mess with the universe.

So how is Flora? It's floral, alright. And fruity, and has some osmanthus and patchouli in it somewhere, which makes it as trendy as they come. As far as fruity-florals go, Flora isn't bad or juvenile, even though it's obviously geared towards the young, shower-fresh loving crowd. I'm thankful it never goes syrupy or vulgar. Actually, Flora is very sheer, almost gauze-like, and very inoffensive. It'd work as a lovely gift for a young girl when you don't want to alarm her parents, as well as for someone older you're not quite sure actually wears perfume (not that I'd recommend giving something as personal as a fragrance to someone you don't really know, but people have done weirder things during the holidays).

Pale and inoffensive fruity-florals are really not my thing, but the worst thing I can say about this Gucci creation (actually, it's a Proctor & Gamble Prestige perfume, as they hold the Gucci perfume license) is that the world according to IFRA is a boring place. Flora is well done for what it is, and as I discovered with the much superior Nuit de Cellophane from Serge Lutens, I actually like the fruity aspect of osmanthus when combined with other lush flowers. So, basically, Flora is Nuit de Cellophane's timid, virginal cousin who was raised by strict religious parents and was never allowed to have any fun.

Bottom line: Go for the real thing.

Flora EDT by Gucci ($52 for 1 oz) is available from Sephora and most department stores, from Bergdorf down. You can get free samples everywhere under the sun.

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  1. I got a sample of this from Sephora - my husband didn't like it on me. I'm going to give it another go - he'll just have to deal with it.

  2. Too bad they used MY "name" for something so insipid! ;-)

    I agree about Nuit de Cellophane - I LOVE that stuff!


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