Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Gloss (809 Rubis Rose)

Guerlain Kiss Kiss lip gloss in Rubis Rose might be my favorite item from all of this year's holiday collection. Between the pretty tube with the black lace design and the absolutely perfect dark rose color, it was one of the best impulse purchases.

Rubis Rose is shimmery and very pigmented- what you see in the photo is what you get on your lips. It's a rose with a brown-mauve depth. The texture is smooth, not sticky and feels very moisturizing on the lips- it's the kind of gloss that makes your lips look and feel good- healthy and plump. It's a great after dark shade, but I admit to wearing it during the day lately. It's not over-the-top and is just so pretty against winter paleness.

Bottom line: Big, fat love.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Gloss in Rubis Rose ($29) is one of three limited edition items for Holiday 2010. It's available from top department stores and also online. I bought it at Bergdorf Goodman.

All photos are mine.


  1. Gaia, can you give some advice on how to apply these dark colours than come in gloss-like tubes? I got a sample of Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in "Dragon", and just cannot apply it without making clown-lips.
    Thanks and happy holidays.

  2. Mary, I know what you mean. I get clown mouth from some purple lipsticks that have too much black/violet in them. It's possible that the color just isn't right for you, but even then, applying over a rich lip balm often helps. Other tips are to make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth, so the color goes on smoothly and doesn't create dark spots in or around imperfections.

  3. A., I'm not surprised you like it, too. It is such a lovely color.

  4. I love this. I'm definitely buying one. Great find!


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