Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick (Ripe Rose & Take A Sip)

29 Cosmetics is a small brand from Napa Valley California that doesn't get enough love. Neiman Marcus isn't doing much (=anything) to promote it, and the color swatches they show are even less accurate than their regular unimpressive standard (seriously, Neiman, if you need an e-commerce guru I'm actually married to one). The company's own website is very pretty, but from my experience is also off when it comes to lip colors (the eyeshadow palettes are spot-on).

29's claim to fame is the extensive use of grape seed antioxidant for moisturizing, protection and fighting the good anti-aging battle. It has an SPF 20 which comes in handy on sunny days. Judging only by the look, the formulas and colors aren't quite as innovative as some of the latest and greatest products we've been seeing lately, these Reserves Moisturizing Lipsticks are, indeed, moisturizing, comfortable to wear and offer a somewhat understated but attractive look.

The colors I chose are Take A Sip (a brown-based rose) and Ripe Rosé (shimmery medium rose). Both give medium coverage, moderate shine and are very wearable and flattering. They don't survive the first cup of tea, so reapplication is needed throughout the day, but since supposedly you're slathering your lips in antioxidants it might be a good thing.

The lip liner I got with these two, Malbec, is actually darker than both so I ended up using it with other lipstick colors. It has a lot of pigment, glides on effortlessly and comes with a good sharpener. It's a quality product that I use often.

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick ($25 each) and lip liner ($23) are available online from Neiman Marcus which is where I bought mine, and the company's website.

All photos by me.


  1. Your swatch of Ripe Rose looks really, really pretty!

  2. Ooooh! Pretty! This line is at the Neimans near me, but I've never looked into it. Those lipsticks are gorgeous!

  3. I agree, the line doesn't get the attention it deserves. My Neiman's doesn't carry it (but they don't carry much here) and I saw it at Neiman's while traveling years ago and have often wondered why they don't give it any lovin.

  4. awesome lip liners!


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