Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kim Kardashian Perfume by Kim Kardashian

The story is that in "creating" her own scent Kim Kardashian was inspired by her favorite perfume, Michael by Michael Kors. I happen to really like Michael (at least in extrait de parfum concentration which I dab, not spray), which is a big tuberose with a sexy and sweet incense base, and I take offense both for Mr. Kors and for myself. While Kim Kardashian (the perfume, not the questionable celeb) is, indeed, built around something that smells like cheap white flowers, it lacks the exhilarating character of tubersoe. Actually, it just lacks character, period.

There's the obligatory sweet mandarin orange in the top, a sweet musky thing in the base, and a whole lot of sweet nothing for the two or three hours the perfume stays on my skin. The only thing mildly interesting about Kim Kardashian's perfume is the question how long it is going to remain in production before disappearing into the land of eternal discounters.

Kim Kardashian EDP ($35, 1 oz) is available from Sephora. They give away samples with just about everything you buy there.


  1. I couldn't help but notice Ms. Kardashian apparently looked to Gucci for inspiration when designing her scent's print ads. Remember last year's Gucci campaign featuring Rihanna (and that unholy Ed Hardy-esque bag)?

  2. I loved everything you wrote in this post! It reflects exactly how I feel about her....

  3. Why can't celebrity scents just die out like so many other trends? I'm not talking about the celebrity as muse (i. e. Audrey Hepburn for Givanchy's L'Interdit). I'm talking about these ladies who claim to have created bottle after bottle of what is basically cheap scent. Ugh!

  4. She (meaning them) sponsored a race car in the Las Vegas NASCAR race last weekend as part of the fragrance launch. It was pink. It either crashed or the engine blew up, not sure which.



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