Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Lip Color - Gorgeous Blackberry

The main selling point of Trish McEvoy's Gorgeous Lip Color is the buildable color and the way the same lipstick can transition from daytime office friendly to nightly drama. In the tube the color seem quite dark, but once applied the pigment is a lot less aggressive and the coverage is sheer, as you can clearly see in the swatch (one coat).

Out of the four colors Trish McEvoy offers in the Gorgeous Collection, Gorgeous Blackberry was the only one that looked good on me, which was perfectly fine as I was only looking for a very casual berry color with a non-glossy finish. I usually pile on two to three coats to achieve an elegant but no too bold intensity.

While the formula is supposed to contain lip conditioning ingredients (and the texture is, indeed, soft and glides on nicely), I find that after less than an hour my lips feel dry and I experience a tightening around my scar. My solution is to use the amazing Chantecaille Contour Fill pencil under the lipstick. It takes care of the issue and helps create a more polished look.

Bottom line: Nice color, but there are many better formulas on the market.

Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Lip Color ($25) is available from most department stores as well as from Blue Mercury. I bought it at my local Bloomingdale's.

All photos are mine.

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