Thursday, March 25, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Le Petit Poudrier Eye Creme Kit (03)

As I promised yesterday, here's my chosen Le Petit Poudrier Eye Creme Kit from Le Metier de Beaute's limited edition Spring 2010 items. These palettes include cream eye shadows and a cream liner ready to create multiple looks.

The one you see here is Mediterranean Madness 03. The liner is an almost matte black-blue (it looks almost black on my skin) while the eye shadows have a shimmery finish. The neutral colors- a rich bronze and champagne- work beautifully with the bolder colors- a grayish aqua blue and an olive green. It's a perfect summery combination that can be applied with a light hand or layered dramatically.

The kit doesn't come with an applicator because part of the concept of these palettes is that they are tiny and super slim. The eyeliner works best with a narrow sponge applicator, so make sure to put one in your makeup bag. The eye shadows can be applied with anything from a synthetic brush to your finger, but use a sponge if you want more intensity.

The best part is the texture- it's silky smooth and holds onto your eyelid better than any cream eye shadow I currently own. They stay put with no creasing or fading and even resist rubbing (so once they're set and dry you can't really smudge them). At first I attributed it to using a primer, but it turned out these shadows work the same way without it. I tested it further after swatching on my wrist and the lines remained solid and vibrant for hours until I removed them. Unlike the lip kits, where you're likely to use it up fairly quickly, I'm guessing the eye palette would last a lot longer. There's no need to reapply throughout the day and you'd probably need a little less product for each application.

Le Metier de Beaute Le Petit Poudrier Eye Creme Kits ($36) are exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and at this time unavailable outside the US. They are a limited edition items and sell quickly, so some colors are already sold out online (local stores might still have them in stock). I bought mine from Neiman.

All photos are mine. Model: Lizzy (though the wrist is obviously mine).


  1. Wow, beautiful colors. I'm in love . . .

  2. Haha... I love that you let your cats give their stamp of approval. Thanks for the swatches!

  3. I must have this. You already cost me hundreds of dollars this month on Edward Bess. Here I go again!

    Giddy with approval. :) Thanks!

  4. what's the best way to apply? layering, like with their other products? if so, what order works best?


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