Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad Men Barbie Dolls. Seriously.

I get the appeal (and commercial importance) of merchandising, I really do. There are so many items that would have made some sense: Pete Campbell's home decor (I'm so buying those giraffe prints), A menswear line inspired by Don's ties and Roger's suits (better than Regis Philbin and The Donald, right?), Betty's red lipstick and a special edition Joan's Shalimar smelling like it did in 1960 (a girl can dream). Instead what we get is Barbie and Ken dolls.


Photo and information: The NY Times.


  1. Only if it comes with a tiny riding mower..

  2. Even stupider, Joan looks skinny.

  3. I'm just mad that the dolls don't come with martini glasses, flasks or a typewriter with tiny keys accommodating for women's hands.

  4. Yup, Joan needs to be way more curvaceous. And why does Roger Sterling look like Steve Martin?

  5. Brooks Brothers did a Mad Men suit (with Janie Bryant, I think) -- great tie-in, for sure. I'd love to see a women's wear line.


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