Monday, March 22, 2010

Perricone MD- No Foundation Foundation

From the name "No Foundation Foundation" I assumed this Perricone MD product would be a sheer base you can wear either alone or under a regular foundation, maybe similar to Shiseido Smoothing Veil. I was surprised to see that the liquid in the tubes was actually tinted and had a distinct yellow tone that looked quite unappetizing.

The color mostly disappeared on my skin, but still looked slightly off. If it were a regular foundation it would have been a sign I need to try a different shade. But the No Foundation Foundation (the name is getting on my nerves more and more) has no other colors. The finish wasn't all that great, either. It doesn't cover much and ends up looking too dry even over a silicone primer on really cold days (it improved when the weather did, though). I tested it faithfully over the course of several weeks, tried layering tinted moisturizers and liquid foundations over it to balance the color, and in the end saw no reason to continue using the product, let alone buy a full size bottle.

Bottom Line: Meh.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation ($50, 1 oz. Way overpriced. Add $4 and you can buy Chanel Vitalumiere) is available from Sephora. I had several samples- regular and deluxe size from various other purchases.


  1. This is one product I had to return. I haven't returned a beauty item in quite some time, so that should say something.

    The "fishy" scent is what bothered me first. It eventually dissipated, but that is the last smell I need in the morning!

    Being fair complected, it was very orange. I like you, tried to save it in various ways...I blended like mad, added moisturizer, added no avail.

    It occurred to me that it was just ridiculous to go through all this work to make this *over priced* item work.

  2. Hmm, I basically had the same experience as you. I actually won a bottle of this from a blog giveaway, and try as I might, I just don't like it. =/


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