Monday, March 01, 2010

Lubin- Le Vetiver

Vetiver is a signature note in our house. The bottles officially belong to the Blond, but I poach them on a regular basis. I usually like vetiver best in the summer, when its crisp and dry qualities cut through the heat and humidity, but there's something in the re-launch of Lubin's Le Vetiver that makes it ideal for snowy winter days.

It's not in the opening, which belongs to the fresh, uplifting variety (think Guerlain) with citrus notes and a hint of sweetness. The wintery feel comes later, from the mix of spices (clove, nutmeg, pepper) and smoky incense. One of the very few things I like about this season is the smell- on days I can actually stand to be outside without freezing my eyeballs, I enjoy standing on the quiet street, taking in the fresh smell of snow and the faint whiffs of smoke from nearby chimneys. Le Vetiver feels like the color of an evergreen shrub under a wet snow blanket and makes me think of the almost-white sky of such days.

I'm not familiar with the original Le Vetiver. I don't know if it was considered a masculine scent but I suspect so. This modern version is very unisex as far as I'm concerned. Women who don't shy away from dry, green and resinous perfumes and enjoy vetiver would probably love it. The lasting power is impressive for an EDT concentration- three sprays are enough for at least 8 hours, and it lingers forever on my clothes.

Le Vetiver by Lubin ($95, 2.5 oz) is available from Aedes, Luckyscent and BeautyHabit. The Perfumed Court sells samples.

Photo of the tree just outside my front door is by me. I took it last Thursday in the afternoon, the snow kept piling up all through that night and the next day. 

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  1. I just wanted to comment on that lovely picture you took. It reminds me of the trees at my husband's aunt's house in NJ - last time we were there. It wasn't too long ago - end of December.


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