Monday, March 15, 2010

L'Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Diffuser

My home scenting adventure continues.

I was at the local L'Occitane store stocking up on my favorite hair products (yes, I know that a suspicious amount of posts starts with this sentence. What can I say? L'Occitane need to start selling their conditioner and hair mask in family size packaging), when I smelled something familiar and wonderful.


My love for fig scents is well-documented here, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the Fig Tree Leaf reed diffusers .They also come in other scents and I even got one, I think the Provencal Landscape, which I'll review when I break it open, but right now I'm all about the incredible aroma of a fig tree in the middle of summer, lush, green and heavy with fruit that is about to ripen. The thing about good fig scents is the balance between the leaf, wood and fruit, and this L'Occitane product is a really good one. Now I want a full range of body, personal care and perfume with this smell. And also a laundry line, while we're at it.

I only got the refills, not the entire set, because I prefer to hunt for nice bottles and containers in other places and I've been buying the reeds in bulk online ever since I discovered I can use diffusers all over the house as long as they are placed strategically out of cat and harm's way.

L'Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Diffuser refills ($16, 3.4 oz) are available from L'Occitane stores all over creation as well as online.

Image: Gelini's Fig Tree byDeborah J Humphries


  1. Fabulous! L'Occitane used to have a gorgeous soap and shower creme in the best fig fragrance I've smelled. But they went and discontinued it. Boo! See if you can get them to restart making it. :) (Plus their shower creme is good for using as a shampoo as well, and it makes your hair smell amazing.)

  2. Yes, Wordbird, I remember that L'Occitane fig soap, too! It was truly the best fig scent I've ever smelled, and I continue to search unsuccessfully for something similar.

  3. I've been looking for a refill for my diffuser, this sounds yummy! Where do you buy the reeds online?


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