Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick- Byzantin (Saks Exclusive)

Apologies for the late start today. We've been without our normal internet connection since Saturday's storm that resulted in some serious damage in the area. A huge tree fell just around the corner, blocking th estreet for days before they even managed to remove it and clear up the debris around it. The cable company still has no idea how long it'd take to get things up and running. My laptop is connected through my phone which makes things both slow and spotty, but I really can't complain- it could have been a lot worse.

But back to the fun stuff. The new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks are worth the love they've been getting across the blogsphere. The new formula is creamy and comfortable while feeling very light. Gone are the days of goopy, greasy lipsticks. This is a lightly moisturizing, intensely pigmented with a satiny finish and a decent staying power (sipping from a water bottle doesn't affect the lipstick). The dark colors do require some prep, and since I've been fighting an evil head cold since the weekend I also need some extra lip TLC before applying any color, but that's more me than the lipsticks.

I'll be showing several more shades in the coming days, after I finish thoroughly testing all of them. The lovely Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book is focusing on the lighter colors while I'm, as always, all about the reds and plums. Thus, Byzantin, which is exclusive to Saks, was the one that grabbed my attention instantly. It's a medium red berry- strong but not over-the-top. I went to Saks several weeks ago between snow storms (hard to believe now that spring seems to have arrived), wearing a very nude and muted look that seemed to fit the gray surrounding outside. But the harsh light in the store (when are they going to design appropriate lighting for the beauty departments?) made me look all washed out and tired. Hannah, the beautiful and helpful SA, immediately made me try Byzantin and it made all the difference in the world. It can be worn easily even for the office when you keep everything else minimal, and of course everywhere else.

The photos show the color both indoors and in full sun. All were taken by me.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks ($30) are available from all decent department store as well as from Byzantin is a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive, online and in store. I bought it at my local mall.


  1. Gaia! I knew you'd love this shade! I wish it was a bit more plum and less fuschia and then I'd be all over it! Did you see/look at Sycamore? It's a lovely plummy brown.

    Lovely pics :)

  2. it's pretty! this is the one i bought, along with mademoiselle, which is an easy to wear, subtle color with pink-brown tones. will have to circle back to play with more of these, even though i was able to rule out several in round one.


  3. Gaia, I just wanted to say, thank you so much for concentrating on those reds and plums. I can't wear those lighter colors that most bloggers seem to favor, and it's nice to have a lippie twin out there who's out constantly exploring. ; )

  4. I have been on mass lipstick hunt here in Canada trying to find Mademoiselle (which is sold out) but now I want this one too!!! I will be foraging through the Saks website as soon as this comment is complete. I am in love with these lipsticks. I picked up #9 and #10 and they are perfection. So happy I found this blog :)

  5. I'm so pleased you were able to find colors that suit you because Rouge Coco is just too good to miss. It's so weightless that sometimes I think it's worn off, but when I check it out in a mirror, there is still color on my lips. Rouge Coco: smooth, comfortable, moisturizing, and lasting. It will be interesting to see how the line develops as new colors come out.

  6. I bought Gabrielle and I can't be more happy but Byzantin will be my next purchase. It looks less brown than Rivoli.
    Thanks Gaia!

  7. Ordered Byzantin a week ago on and today it arrived.
    At first, I was in shock of how fuschia the shade is (you cannot see it on the site), but after applying it with nude-brown lip liner, i could say that i can live with this color. Plums are my favorites, but fuschias are definetly not.
    I finf Byzantin as a great evening color.

  8. Love your blog, finally someone who is also not into pinks, I feel much less alone now :)

    I love Byzantin, do you know if the Rouge Coco Byzantin and the Rouge Allure Byzantin coming out with the Byzantin collection are the same colour?

  9. Bridget, I'll know as soon as the Chanel boutique gets them :) .

  10. do you now if this lipstick is still in the stores or anywhere? :) i like this colour a lot but cant find it yet. and if not do you know a similiar colour to thisß :))


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