Monday, March 01, 2010

Lancome Spring 2010 Ink Artliner Teal Delight

All things considered, it's actually surprising I didn't have a teal eyeliner in my stash until this season. I had teal eye shadows in every texture and finish, but no real liner. So when Lancome came out with their Spring 2010 Collection that included the Ink Artliner in Teal Delight I had to have it.

Ink Artliner is a relatively new format for Lancome (launched last season with Indigo Charm), as the company didn't have a gel eyeliner until now. Teal Delight is actually softer than Indigo Charm and you can actually see it in the swatch photo. I really like this texture and find that it works with most eyeliner brushes I have. I prefer to use it with wider ones (like Lancome's or the classic Bobbi Brown) that are a bit stiff, but that might just be me and my unsteady hand.

When I opened the pot I was surprised that the color looked dark and not very teal. On skin, however, it has a lot more green and looks exactly right. I've tested this liner as part of several makeup looks. It's a personal preference, of course, but I'd rather not pair it with other colors from the same family (like the Lancome Pop n Green quad I'll talk about tomorrow) because it's just too much. Muted neutrals look better on me when I'm wearing a bright liner, but as always, your mileage may vary.

Lancome Ink artliner ($23.50) is available from just about any department store and online. I bought it from

Photos by me.

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  1. Nothing says spring like a pop of teal. And, like you, I like to combine it with neutrals. For me that means warm tones like peach, caramel, camel, champagne, etc. I'm so glad you swatched the Teal Delight otherwise I would have simply passed it by. In the pot it's nothing special, but swatched, the true teal is revealed. Love it!


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