Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Josie Maran Eye Shadow (Cacao)

Cacao is the only matte eye shadow currently offered in Josie Maran's natural makeup range. The shimmery colors are beautiful and there's a new teal one that looks especially lovely, but I'm still searching for a replacement for an old Dior eye shadow in a silky matte light taupe, so I picked Cacao. While it's not exactly the color I'm after, this dusty taupe brown is becoming a wardrobe essential because of the way it blends with other colors.

The texture might not be Dior-perfect but it's silky enough to look pretty and apply smoothly. Blondes and other fair-skinned women would probably find the pigment here a lot more intense than it is on my skin and would probably also be able to use it as a brow filler. For me it's part of a low-key nude look and a way to mute a more intense crease color.

I find that using a good primer makes a serious difference in the performance of this Josie Maran shadow and allows it to stay put and look fresh from morning until late at night. Otherwise it fades a little and can be affected by weather conditions.

Bottom line: Great workhorse. More matte colors would be great.

Josie Maran single eye shadows ($20)  are available from Sephora online and in store. I bought mine at the Times Square location.

Photos by me.


  1. thanks so much for the review.

    i do want to point out, however, that i have 6 matte eyeshadows in my line:


    check them out! :)

  2. gaia, how does this color compare with the brown shade from shu uemura you recently reviewed? i can't have too many matte, medium browns in my palette.



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