Monday, November 01, 2010

Burberry Warm Glow Natural Bronzer 01

I actually bought the Warm Glow Natural Bronzer from Burberry in August, which makes sense considering one usually wants a bronzed look in summer. But I'm finding myself reaching for it even more often now that my complexion really needs some warming up. It might be a psychological thing or simply the change in light, hard to tell. Besides, Warm Glow #01 (this specific shade is also named Warm Glow. Obviously Burberry wants us bronzed and confused) doesn't make me look tan, it just gives a little color and life, especially when applied with a light hand and blended carefully.

It's hard to describe and define bronzer shades- they vary by their levels and ratio of brown-gold-orange. I find Warm Glow #01 to be the less orange on my skin* and most natural. It really doesn't look like makeup, which is probably why it's such a great choice for the season. It can be built up, though, for a more sun-kissed effect.

Burberry bronzers, like their other powder products, feel very luxurious and finely milled. They have a satiny finish that makes skin glow with no actual shimmer or any visible shiny particles. The texture is the silkiest imagined and a pleasure to apply. I've been using several bronzer and face brushes and it works with all of them- I can't say I have a specific favorite for this bronzer, but Edward Bess Face Brush is probably the best.

*I'm often asked about my exact skin tone. It's a pale olive with both green, yellow and pink undertones and no blue. I don't wear MAC makeup, but I've been told that I'm around NC30-35, but there was no exact match the last time I visited their counter, but that was years ago. I can wear several shades of Chanel foundations, as long as they're on the pale yellow beige side. In Nars terms the best match I found was Stromboli (though I don't own it, so my testing was limited), and in Cover FX numbers I'm M40 (Honey).

Burberry Warm Glow Natural Bronzer ($48) is a Nordstrom exclusive.

All photos are mine.


  1. It would be really helpful if there were pictures of you made up with the cosmetics. This post and the blue mascara post, etc. Especially for a non-blonde like myself who has trouble finding makeup that goes with my yellow-ish complexion.

  2. This looks good, like the color.

  3. This reminds me a lot of the Korres bronzer I have. It's wonderful that there are finally light, natural-looking bronzers like this on the market for pale-skinned gals like myself. Thanks for the review!

  4. L., my skin would get very tan very fast if I let it, but I do my best to keep it in its natural sickly green color and compensate with a bronzer. I mostly apply it in a "3" and a reversed "3" (did I make any sense?) on both side of the face and just a little in the middle of the face- nose and chin. But I use a very light hand as I have no desire to Snookify myself.

    Blush goes mostly on the apples of the cheek and I prefer those that are pink(ish) in nature for a natural flushed look- like I just had a nice workout or came back from a walk on a very cold day.

    Whatever I use, I always make sure to blend it as best as possible and not have visible lines and edges. Basically, I'm trying to give myself a normal healthy look instead of my normal Margaret Hamilton face.


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