Tuesday, November 02, 2010

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick No.3 Rouge Saadi

Rouge Pur Couture is the newest addition to YSL's lipstick wardrobe and it might just be their best offering so far. This is a new formula that feels deceivingly light weight while giving full coverage (at least in the darker shades I tested), an almost glossy finish and is very comfortable to wear. Rouge Pur Couture glides on effortlessly (I'd still recommend using a brush for red and dark purple colors that demand perfection) and coats the lips beautifully without pooling in lines and scars. I wouldn't call this YSL lipstick creamy or very hydrating, but it definitely protects the lips and maintains their moisture level.

Many of the shades offered in the Rouge Pur Couture range are variations of red, allowing just about everyone to find a perfect red. Rouge Saadi (#3) was among my first choices. The swatches on the YSL website are misleading, so I'm glad I got to test all of them at Barneys in NYC (my favorite Yves Saint Laurent counter. The service is always excellent). Rouge Saadi is a soft warm red that does not lean towards orange. You can see it compared to Rouge Feu (#14, reviews and more photos coming in a separate post soon). It perks up my face and lends itself to elegant looks without being too dramatic. I love it with an almost nude eye makeup (neutral allover wash, thin black liner and a little mascara) and a soft neutral blush- it's a good everyday red for my coloring.

Bottom Line: A beginning of a beautiful friendship.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick ($30) is available from the company's website and many department stores. Sephora also carries the line, but though Rouge Saadi is not offered there.

All photos are mine.


  1. What a beautiful color! Does it remind a bit of Chanel's Rouge Orage?

  2. Goya, I knew you'd like it. I'd go and do a side by side but I can't remember which handbag has my Orage and I'm too lazy to look for it now. I'll try and find it before I post about No. 14 and/or the other Pur Couture I got, the #20 Sephora exclusive.

  3. Darn you Gaia for creating another lipstick lemming!! Roude Saadi looks gorgeous. We might need to stop by the YSL counter at Barney's :-)

  4. Gaia, I think it also looks like one of Edward's Bess Lipsticks that you've swatched!
    Anyways, as long as it not as creamy as Rouge Volumpte lipsticks, it sounds promising! :)

  5. This was the first shade I gravitated towards in the display. It's somehow... just a hair into grandma-in-bright-coral-lipstick territory, just a touch of kitsch in the overwhelming luxury.

  6. At long last these lipsticks are here, so I went to see them in person. So, I ended up buying #4, it looked so stunning on my face, it was undeniable. My second purchase will be #3, very sophisticated mauve. I avoided trying plums, how many plum lipsticks one person needs?! :)

  7. By the "next purchase" I meant #9


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