Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear You- Message In (and about) A Bottle-November 2010

Dear Frederic Malle and Dominique Ropion,
Seriously? A hyper-tenacious rose-fruitchouli? Because, obviously, there are not enough of those around.
A Maurice Roucel fan.

Dear Etat Libre d'Orange,
You're getting better and better. Jospehine Baker is another hit.
Secretion Magnifique is (almost) forgiven.

Dear Thierry Wasser and the Guerlain team,
I wish the limited edition perfumes weren't so gorgeous.
Devoted to Dandy

Dear Tom Ford,
Can you please release the Black Orchid nail polish as a standalone? I already have the perfume and the lipstick.
A Reluctant Fan

Dear Bobbi Brown,
It's just too much. Too many palettes, not enough editing. It makes no sense and all that shimmer is not doing either one of us- your brand and my face- any favors.
Not Buying It.

Dear Powers-That-Be At Henri Bendel,
You have such a wonderful selection of cosmetics and fragrance brands, but hiding all that behind cheap-looking baubles, bling and souvenirs for tourists is not what this store needs. Also, lose the house brand fragrances. They're crap.
A (still) loyal customer.

Photo: The Nifty Fifties


  1. Hilarious re: Henri Bendel! One of their own in-store salespersons warned me their in-house fragrances were "crap." Wouldn't let me buy one.

  2. aw, man. you're saying portrait of a lady isn't worth my time? i am so bummed. waaaaah.


    p.s. i would add one to neiman's - lose the atelier colognes - they are taking up valuable counter space.

  3. I'm laughing almost to hard to reply. Right on target, all around.

  4. TOO hard. See what I mean?! ;)

  5. Indeed, right on target my dear! I am wishing now that I had sprayed the Josephine Baker scent on my skin. Drat!

    Will let you know if the new Hermessence Iris appears in the Manhasset boutique before I leave. I might have to go back anyway and get Kelly Caleche in the EDP and Idylle when I get home. It still smells really good on me!

  6. Rut-row! on PoaL! I can't wait to smell it, see if you and I are ScentorEvilScent Twins on this one.

    Henri Bendel. sigh.

    Great and funny notes, Gaia! I am drooling over those kiltie skirts - I had one, in red plaid, with the Giant Safety Pin! About 3000 years ago but still....I was thin and it was cool


  7. Thank you for the BB comment! She originally had such a great thing going.

  8. Gaia! For reals????
    PoaL isn't all that?!
    Whoaaaaaah girl if you didn't like it then I'm afraid to be disappointed as well.
    I love and admire your taste tremendously my dear!
    But on the bright side I can't seem to get enough of rose/patch combo's, I want Lumiere Noire Pour Femme and Divine's L'Inspiratrice for Christmas and I am getting a FB of URC (my third!!!)
    I LOVE this stuff.
    Take care, have a Happy turkey day!


  9. For real, I was Black Orchid nails so badly!


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