Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Return Of The Matching Shoes

I don't know if this really signifies the return of the matchy-matchy style, and as a child of the '80s I'm not sure how I would feel if that was to happen. But as my mom who grew up in a more ladylike era would tell you, there's something to be said for a pulled-together look.

Heidi Klum paired her Victoria Beckham dress with a matching pair of teal pumps. Her hairstyle also works beautifully here. I've combed through several photos of Emma Watson from her Today Show appearance- in some of them her Sergio Rossi peep-toes look more beige and only match her Burberry trench (want!). In others they are more grey, like her Carven sweater dress (I suspect one needs to be Emma's age to pull of this collar). In any case, it's interesting.

Now, let's just hope we'll never see matching scrunchies and socks, OK?



  1. I would so fall down in Emma's shoes. lol I do like them though! Yes, you do have to be her age to pull off a collar reminiscent of the peter pan collars of our uniform shirts in school.

  2. love emma's outfit! Gorgeous trench!

  3. Coming of age in the sixties, I was always buying fabric shoes and having them died to match my dresses. Satin, crepe, or peau de soie heels all started out as white, but then would be transformed into one of the hundred or so stock colors that were readily available. Or, better yet, a swatch of dress fabric could be left with the sales clerk and the shoes would be custom died--at no extra cost! It's just the way it was done. I agree with your mom, there are times when it just feels right to be pulled together :-)

  4. Heidi's hair looks terrible! Coupled with the figure-hugging dress, it makes her head look very small.

  5. Dress and matching shoes are just the easy version. Some looks on runway went even beyond that - everything.... sorta matched - the trench - to the pants - to the top - to the shoes, and the bag too. It seems to be OK to match all over again; and, interestingly it is a completely new thing emerging this Fall/ Winter. Not sure how to go about it though... He he he...


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