Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victoria Beckham On Lady Gaga

“If I’m being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?"
Victoria Beckham on Lady Gaga

The funny thing is how two or three years ago the same could have been said about Victoria herself. But lately and especially since she launched her own sleek fashion line, I'm finding myself looking at Victoria Beckham's photos, staring at clothes like this tangerine dress (from her Spring/Summer '11 collection) and thinking: "Want!".

Photo: Faded Youth Blog


  1. Agreed. That dress is hot. But her new bags are supposed to be amazing too.

  2. That's a great dress, and she looks better. A couple of years ago, she didn't look quite human. Approve.

  3. she really has evolved nicely. i like this dress very much, and haven't really seen anything of hers that i hate. her dresses also flatter other women, something i can't say about the popular (and i think, overrated) stella mccartney's stuff. her things don't even look good on her. but i digress. go, posh! you rock.


  4. I still think she doesn't look human - she always looks as if disgusted, and her frame is near to bulimic/anorexic. I like her dresses though - but again, I don't know how they would look like on a woman with normal weight and proportions.

  5. Yes, she does have good taste and always looks great. I wish we saw more of her line. Do you kmow who carries it?


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