Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Roundup- Last one in my 30s

I don't remember such a pre-holiday season in a very long time. The options are dazzling in both quantity and quality. My friends and I still testing and experimenting with special collections and limited edition items, and here's a spoiler- next week will bring a new shiny crop. Here are some highlights from the ending week:

Kari at Fab over Forty brings us more Bobbi Brown- The Holiday Glamour Set. This one might be my favorite of all the recent Bobbi palettes. I might even be willing to forgive her the spelling of "glamour"- she's from NJ, so what's with the extra U?

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows for Holiday 2010 is as festive as they come. Charlestongirl has swatches of all three shades of Armani's novel new shadow formula at Best Things in Beauty.

I'm always thrilled to see pictures of what Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book is loving right now. Her most recent crop is dedicated to something I can never ever pull off- shimmering pale colors, so I live vicariously through her.

I'm not the only blogger who uses her cats shamelessly as models. Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews is taking this a step further- Beans looks fabulous in swatches of Bare Escentuals.

Debbi is now the perfect diva for the holidays. You can find out why Lash Dip is the future of eyelash enhancement at DivaDebbi. Would you take the plunge?

I'm so not a morning person. Waking up, dealing with my morning face and trying not trip over the cats who are obnoxiously perky is not my idea of a good time. Jane found the perfect year-round solution, one you'll want to use when you dread the way your skin will look in the morning. Pop over to Daly Beauty to see what this Kiehl's miracle is all about. Just make sure I get my morning tea first.

Looking at the beautiful earrings Kristin has found and showed us at BeautyXposé makes me once again feel sorry my ears aren't pierced. The coral Roberta Chiarella La Luna earrings are especially tempting.

When Sue Devitt travels, the result is usually a gorgeous new makeup collection. Take a look with Carla at the new Golden Triangle Collection (makeup and fragrance) at Product Girl. I also had a Sue Devitt review this week- Nordland eye shadow is a real winner.

The brilliant artist Niki de Saint Phalle would have celebrated her birthday this week. This blog has some beautiful photos of her art (and a Vogue cover).

On I Smell Therefore I Am Abigail discusses Serge Lutens Bas de Soie (which I adore) and reflects on Uncle Serge's work, while Brian gives us an excellent overview of the very intriguing cooperation between Le Labo and Anthroplogie.

Other than introducing Buffy and you to a(nother) limited edition platte, Collection Essentielle de Chanel Paris-L.A., I also questioned the idea of a $125 lipstick in a cup (aka NARS Bento Box), got annoyed with Benefit for yet another crappy mascara, loved a Burberry lipstick and indulged in some fabulous perfumes, old and new.

Stay beautiful!


  1. Have a wonderful birthday, Gaia. Enjoy your very special day.

  2. Happy Birthday Gaia, enjoy a wonderful day!

  3. Leaving my 40s was less traumatic than leaving my 30s! (Lots of hands-on family stuff from 37-40.)

    I hope that you only have GOOD surprises, in the year ahead, dear Gaia.

    (I did drop you an email at the address listed.)

    Lawrence in Ohio

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a wonderful one and much happiness in the year to come!

  5. Now, there is nothing wrong with an extra "u". There are lots of worse things in the world, after all.

    Happy Birthday--- and do let us know what you are up to; and what you wore!


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