Friday, November 05, 2010

Lush It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint

Lip tints and stains aren't usually my thing because they're too drying  and tend to enhance imperfections. Most of them are more focused on staying power than on being kind to one's lips and it shows. Lush is attempting to revolutionize this with their It Started With A Kiss red lip tint. The element that sold me on this was the use of shea butter and coconut oil- this meant that Kiss would not be too drying, and indeed, the texture right of the tin is quite waxy. It melts on touch (hence the recommendation not to order it online during the hot months) and spreads easily giving the lips a coat of color.

The reddish color stays put nicely. It survives drinks and a snack and some of the stain is even dinner resistant though I'd rather reapply. I'm not very fond of the plumping tingle courtesy of cinnamon oil, and I know some people are especially sensitive to it, so take it into account. Thankfully it passes quickly. While I wouldn't say Kiss is as moisturizing as a lip treatment or a good balm, it is kind on the lips and doesn't dry them at all. As long as one's skin is in good condition, i.e. exfoliated and moisturized, the results are quite good.

The pinkish red shade (more cerise than apple) is not really my color. It would look better against fair skin. I use it under darker glosses with plum hues, so I get both the nice finish and adjust the color to suit me better. The scent, by the way, is a lot nicer than I expected (several Lush fragrant products make me jump out of my skin). It's on the yummy side, naturally, with white chocolate, cinnamon and apple. I'm not always in the mood for a big fat dessert on my lips, but I have to admit it's fun and has been growing on me with use.

More colors and a stick version (so one doesn't need to stick her finger in the tin) would have made it a favorite.

Bottom Line: Not really for me but very cute.

Lush It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint ($6.95) is available from Lush boutiques all over the world and online. A press sample was sent to me by the company.

All photos are mine.


  1. This is so pretty, and I just love the name of it! Thanks for posting i'll deff. pick this up soon!

  2. Not a bad price, and the color is very pretty. Formula sounds great overall. Will have to check it out.

  3. I really liked it! I have a couple of posts about it, one review and another one using it under a red lipstick. Really cool. I love the flavour.
    Sorry to hear you didn't like it for you!


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