Thursday, November 04, 2010

Smashbox Eye Definer Brush No. 15

I picked Smashbox Eye Definer Brush No. 15 on a whim at Ulta because I was looking for a small domed brush for my travel brush roll to do detailed crease work and maybe also a little lash line smudging. I liked Smashbox #15 because it's quite dense and the shape is very well-defined. The brush is almost pencil-like while still soft and pleasant to use. It fits right where I need it- in the crease or right above my lashes, so I find myself using it very often, especially for really dark colors.

What the brush doesn't do: It's not the right tool for blending, at least the way I work- too small and tapered for the task. I'd also avoid using it with a cream shadow, despite what it says on Smashbox website. The brush is made of natural squirrel hair which I think is too porous for cream products. There are enough synthetic brushes better for this task.

Smashbox Eye Definer Brush No. 15 ($24) is available from Ulta and

All photos are mine, models are Sophie and Giselle.


  1. Ooooh . . Was the pretty kitty a Gift with Purchase? :-)

  2. Gaia-

    I do not remember if I have said this, or just thought this, but "The Non-Blond" is the Consumer Reports of all things glam!"

    I truly applaud your "take no prisoners" approach. Especially with those so-and-so's at IFRA!

    I always love to see the Mega Models.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  3. I like this brush shape. I'm not actually sure whether you can get the Smashbox brushes in the UK. I will have to investigate.
    Jane x

  4. Do you know how brush compares to the suqqu M or Hakuhodo G5528? Thanks for your reviews, they are very helpful.


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